SAO’s Plot Progression Was Crazy

It’s a universal opinion that Sword Art Online (SOA) is not the greatest anime ever created. Some would even consider it one of the worst, though I’m not too quick to agree.

What was quick though? How quickly the protagonists tied the knot.

Kirito and Asuna married each other at the speed of sound ya’ll. And I’m not okay.

Actually, the whole pacing of SAO is kind of insane. I thought the first 5-7 episodes were paced alright, but then Asuna was re-introduced and everything went out the window in terms of reasonable timing.

Before I could even get back from restocking my snacks, they had their confessed their (out of nowhere??) feelings, had their first kiss, got married, and adopted their first child.

All I wanted were some pretzels.

Let’s not mention Kirito’s ever-growing harem.


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