Bulletproof Pajamas

The day has come, my children. I’m finally experiencing my first real BTS comeback.

The titular song for their album is called “Boy With Luv”, ft. Halsey. It admittedly isn’t my favorite name. I mean, spell “Love” correctly, at least.

Plus, I’m not the biggest fan of Halsey. She’ll be forever branded in my brain as the one who sang “Closer” by The Chainsmokers. Not a bad song, just an extremely annoying one.

So, the first time I watched the video, I was dropping “aw”s and “yes, baby boy!”s all over the place. Not to mention sporadic spasming for my bias RM.

Around the fourth of fifth time, I decided to take notes to see if anyone shares any common opinion with me.

Breakdown of BTS’s “Boy With Luv” ft. Halsey

  • Why is Halsey bored? More importantly, why is she in pants that look like old grandma underwear? I know unconventional fashion is a popular thing right now, but I don’t think “senior clothing” will ever rise in trending.
  • Goodness, why are their intros always so catchy? What first comes to mind is the whistling start from “DNA”, but I consider even the opening to RM’s “Persona” catchy, though it wasn’t made to be. Point is, that cool effect they do with the guitar at the very beginning of the song caught my attention in a very good way.
  • Only the Bulletproof Boy Scouts could pull off wearing pink pajama robes in their comeback music video.
  • Tae’s really out there looking to kill someone with that shoulder shrug and that thing he does with his mouth. It’s hard work staying loyal to RM.
  • Tae’s blue hair and pink robe matching with the background a coincidence? I think NOT.
  • Jungkook’s first solo in this has me Jungshook, aight? He sounds amazing. I have new appreciation for the Golden Maknae©
  • I love when the dance line (J-Hope, Jungkook, & Jimin) have one part all to themselves. It is also in those moments when I have to face the fact that I’m a completely untalented dancer.
  • Applause to the producer for the cinematography of the video. Not in the movie sense, but in the aesthetic sense. That transition from a pale yellow gradient to a blue one is nearly flawless and I don’t know how they do it.
  • Ironically, they do know how to spell “love” correctly. Guess they just had to stick to their early Bad-Boy motif they got inspiration from so it would fit the theme.
  • Suga popping up from the couch, dancing on the giant piano, his close-ups and his deep rapping voice will be the absolute death of me.
  • J-hope looks like a snacc. Period.

  • Yes, I’m mentioning Tae’s wonderful blue hair again, since it got like 50 Shades Darker and I approve.
  • From what I’ve seen from the chorus and bridge, Halsey doesn’t actually have a solo in this, begging the question: what’s the point of her being there?
Image result for bts boys with luv gifs -in
  • In other news, she got to dance with BTS and jealousy, thou name art salty.
  • RM IN A FEDORA… wish it was black. Black would’ve fit him better. But he really is working that white aesthetic, from the hat, to the suit, to the white blonde hair.
  1. Their expressions-
  • Suga-“I’m tired of shooting this music video, can we go home now?”
  • Tae- “Hey, you have food, I’m hungry.”
  • Kookie- “I want food too.”
  • Jin- “…wait, what’s going on?”
  • Jimin- “I hope they’re getting my good side.”
  • Hobi- “I wonder if I can convince BigHit to dye my hair pink too…”
  • RM the show master– I have clearly chosen the right bias here.
  • Their laughs at end, along with RM looking away like a mildy embarrassed father is what I live for.
Image result for bts boys with luv gifs -in

Time to suffer and stream so the soft boys can reach 100 million views and break the usual records.


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