The Great British Fake-Off

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One of my favorite shows to watch on PBS and Netflix is the Great British Baking Show. It’s so ideal. What’s not to love about a bunch of super polite people baking things and supporting each other, even though they’re technically competing against one another? Plus, they’re also really funny (looking at the queens Mel and Sue). And all in British accents. Freaking perfect.

Another thing I love about the show is the unassuming diversity. You’d think the contestants would be made of primarily middle aged white folks with a smattering of people of color. But it really surprised me, and still does, to see so many different kinds of people being nice to each other.

And again, they’re all so polite and lovely. It makes it impossible to actually dislike any of them. This is the kind of show where you can cheer for everyone.

Well, except this one dude.

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This man thinks that wearing a fedora and having a pierced nose will get him anywhere. Does he think he’s on The Voice? You cannot win TGGBS by looking pretty alone.

I had just started watching the new season, and I already knew for a fact he would get eliminated early on in the competition.

No shade to Stu (who was actually pretty nice), but the look he went for was reminiscent of the try-hards who audition on American reality television shows. Pop on that unique hat, wear that unique shirt, comb that unique beard, shave that unique head, ink those unique arms, and hope you get noticed.

I’m not saying people who do those things are fake. Everyone has separate personalities, after all. What I’m saying is that it’s so obvious that person’s trying their hardest to be an individual instead of going with the flow.

People subconsciously dislike those who try too hard. Mary and Paul are fair and unbiased, of course. They never take physical appearance into consideration. It’s all about the baking.

But did Stu know that?

Stu wore his Fedora every episode, before he was eliminated. He should’ve gotten rid of the hat. Maybe then he would’ve lasted longer, since he’d be more focused on baking rather than looking photogenic on TV. I dunno.


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