방탄소년단: The Sixth Sense

In honor of BTS’s 6th anniversary today, I decided to make a general opinion/appreciation post about my seven children.

I didn’t have anyone try to push me to like BTS like many fans of the group do. Instead, I was more or less forced to listen to their songs every day in my gym class, because that was all one of my friends would play on the Dance Dance Revolution. I was one of those annoying people who said that they all looked the same, while still being somewhat impressed by the catchy songs and intricate dance moves.

When I finally decided to investigate them on my own, I instantly took to “Dope” and for a few weeks, that was the only song from them I would listen to. I watched their other music videos, but the make-up and overall vibe was still weird and foreign to me. “Dope” was a bit easier to adjust to.

Then one day, I happened to stumble upon a crack video.

I spent the next two hours absolutely cackling and falling in love with these kids. And that’s where it all started for real.

Now I’m a hardcore fan. I don’t necessarily classify myself as an ARMY though. I do watch an absurd amount of BTS-related videos and know the inside jokes, use their memes, and obsess over them on a regular basis.

However, I don’t call myself an ARMY because I’d rather not be lumped together with the fandom. I enjoy the group in my own way. I’m not the kind to say “I purple you” or change my username to “Namjoon’s Forgotten Handshake/ SugaKookie With Tae/ ” (though those are hilarious). I don’t buy their merch, I don’t actively pursue the theories surrounding their music videos, and I simply choose not the listen to all their songs.

What I like most about them that keeps me coming back outside of their music is that there’s always something new to discover. Which isn’t surprising given that they’re constantly feeding us with new content.

I cannot explain my absolute exhilaration when I discovered RM could sing. He’s a phenomenal rapper, but this was a whole new side to my bias and I was completely there for it.

That giggle at the end. I am wrecked.

I also discovered their old songs, and even if their “No More Dream” era was pretty cringy, their songs were still bops and the choreography was stunning.

Image result for no more dream choreography bts rounded kick
It took a ridiculous amount of time to find this

Pride is also huge. I was on the verge of tears when they won the “Best Duo/Group” award at the 2019 BBMAs. They seriously beat out the likes of Imagine Dragons and Maroon Five. That’s just unbelievable. I never get tired of reading articles discussing “The Rise of BTS”.

Now the members individually:

RM– (Kim Namjoon, Rap Monster, RapMon, Nammy, Joonie, Dance Monster, President Namjoon)

My gorgeous, handsome bias. The leader of the crackheads. My wonderful mohawk-phase baby. And in my opinion, the absolute coolest one in the group. I’m actually overwhelmed right now just thinking about him. I was drawn in by his dimples in “Dope” and “DNA”, then his overall visuals, then his passionate rapping, then everything. His leadership skills, his intellect, his humor, his drive, his dedication to the fans, his infectious smile, his humility, his tolerance. I could really cry.

I see myself in him, and he makes me want to be a better person. He’s made mistakes, and he’s learned from them, and he’s progressed. Even when things become during awkward or out of control during interviews, he always bears with it all. He’s the connection for the international fans. He’s supremely talented and puts 110% into everything. From the bottom of my heart, don’t you dare change RapMon. You’re so so perfect just the way you are.

Suga– (Yoongi, fluffy-marshmallow-cotton-candy-angry-corgi-baby-boy, lil meow meow, Agust D, Min Yoonji, Savage Child)

My primary bias-wrecker. Small ball of passionate energy. You know, it hurts when he curses in his solo songs as Agust D, but when you compare those to his gummy smile during “Bapsae”, it’s astounding. His duality is ridiculous, and honestly so attractive. How does one go from deadly savage to being the cutest thing on the planet? I don’t care what anyone says, he’s a complete visual.

And this boy can spit bars too, it’s scary. Not only that, but he also produces songs. We love a talented child in this household.

Oh geez, he’s just so adorable.

Taehyung– (V, TaeTae, RUDE, sipthattae)

My secondary bias wrecker. Also one of the most good-looking men to walk the planet. I cannot stress enough how plain rude you are. Your tongue belongs in your mouth, not on our screens. Not that we’re complaining. Not to mention this dude invented wire-rim glasses, just because he knew they were his ultimate accessory.

I’ve just started to notice this, but his on-stage facial expressions are so well-done. If Yoongi’s the king of duality, then this baby’s the prince. And his place in the dance line is very well-earned. Plus he acts. What a flex. He sporkle, he shine, he talent. He doesn’t know the definition of “cringey era”.

J-Hope– (Hobi, Hoseok, pure ray of sunshine, my hope, South Korea’s Got Talent, golden hyung, dancing queen, Ihatesnakeu)

The bias wrecker to my bias wreckers. I seriously haven’t gotten over how stupidly talented he is. He’s more than a triple threat. He’s a quadruple threat. The boy can chill rap like nobody’s business, sing like the deep-voiced angel of our dreams, his dancing can put the entire industry out of work, and produce instant bops. Like, who gave him the right to be that good at so many things? He’s blessed.

He’s the one who helps the rest of the group nail their choreography, and he adds to the choreography process himself. He was supposed to be a singer, but gave up his spot and learned a whole new position just to make one of the others happy. What an angel.

He’s also a beam of unfiltered sunshine and happiness. I know he makes sure to put on the face that he’s happy, but his effort does help a lot. He’s the smile we all need in our lives. Hobi is the hope the world needs. And he knows it too, hence the mixtape: Hope World.

Jungkook– (Kookie, golden maknae, Iron Man, bunny)

This baby boy had 6 agencies try to recruit him. And he chose BigHit because he thought Rm was cool. There shouldn’t be any more reason to love him. But there is because this child is good at literally everything. Well, everything we’ve seen him try.

He’s the main vocal because that boy sing. And dance. At the same time. Insanely stabley. He needs to stop eating CDs. Also needs to stop being the cutest adorable bunny.

Jin– (World Wide Handsome, World Wide Funny Guy, Martha Stewart)

I honestly admire this dude so much. He was chosen for his looks, but surpassed everyone’s expectations of him, proving he was more than his very attractive face. Every time I see him in the front of the dance formation or getting a solo in the song, my heart just bursts with pride, you have no idea. He’s improves so much and I’m happy he’s getting more attention these days. This dude grew on me and I’m happy I’ve gotten to see his true talents in action.

Also, man, what’s with his dad jokes??

Jimin– (Jiminie, mochi)

Cute little mochi really tryna fight with J-Hope for main dancer, because he’s incredible. He actually went to a school of dance and was top of his class. He’s really just a natural fit for this group. He also has a duality thing going on, though others feel it more strongly than I do.

One thing’s for sure, someone should buy this boy a jacket with buttons so that they won’t constantly be “accidentally” slipping off his shoulders. You know what I’m talking about, Jiminie, you sneaky child, you.

All together, they are the powerful, good-looking force of nature called 방탄소년단, Bangtan Sonyeondan, Bullet-Proof Boy Scouts, Behind the Scene, BTS.

Image result for bangtan sonyeondan

Happy 6th Anniversary, guys.


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