Whistle That Tea

A few months ago, I learned that there was this dying language consisting entirely of whistling called “sylbo”.

As weird as it seems, it’s exactly what it sounds like. People whistle different pitches at different lengths to carry out whole conversation. In the video I watched, it was also a very effective way of talking to someone from very far away. Convenient if you don’t have a phone.

Not so convenient if you’re like me and can’t whistle.

Imagine there’s this whole village of people who all whistle to talk to each other, but since you can’t whistle, you don’t understand what’s going on. Imagine being in class and not being able to tell if Sarah’s talking trash about you, but you can tell she is because she’ll whistle something to Emily, they’ll give you a quick glance, and burst out laughing.

They could choose to speak a human language that isn’t dependent on blowing air out of your mouth, but they do, just to spite you because you can’t. Rude.

Anyway, go learn Sylbo. It’s still dying and think of all the tea you’re going to be able to spill with Melody once you both know how to do it.


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