Promoting WayV Through GIFs I Made

I’m sure most of us know an author, musical group, singer etc. who deserves more recognition than they get. You try your hardest to promote them without being pushy or obnoxious. Just a shameless plug here or there for The Vaccines, a small mention in your Twitter post about Kurt Schneider, a link in the corner leading to a suspiciously biased website about the Green Party.

Look, here’s my deal: look at this laugh

…and tell me you don’t care that he’s the least popular member of his group. That he gets to little to no lines in songs.

This is no different than those cringey ASPCA ads that try to guilt you out of your money, except that checking out WayV is free of charge with major benefits, including but not limited to these wonderful moments captured in the art of GIF:

Not only that, you get exclusive never-before-seen images like this one:

All for the price of zero pesos.

Join the cult club today!


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