Everglow ≠ Mia and Friends

If you’ve been keeping up with the kpop scene, you should be familiar with Everglow, a rookie girl-group who already have a large, dedicated fanbase.

One member specifically, Mia, is a fan-favorite.

Image result for everglow mia

What’s not to love? She’s extremely pretty, her onstage persona is beguiling, and she’s very talented.

Just like all the other members.

So why are people paying the most attention to her?

This is where my theory/prediction comes in: Yue Ha (their [historically problematic] company) is trying to give her the Jennie Kim treatment.

This could be disastrous. Jennie of Blackpink is known as the “YG princess”, because she receives such special treatment from her company. People have coined Blackpink “Jennie and Friends” because of the blatant bias. It’s one of the many things that have given Blackpink a bad name.

Everglow is a rookie group, very similar to Blackpink in their concepts and sometimes, their song structure. It won’t take very long for eagle-eyed/nosy/disruptive netizens to start connecting dots and pointing out that Mia seems to have more time on camera than her fellow members.

I sincerely hope I won’t ever have to hear Everglow has turned into “Mia and Friends”, especially since Everglow is on the fast track to success. They deserve scandalous-free PR.

Yue Ha better not screw them over or they can say goodbye, au revoir, adios to their supporters.


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