MLB: Viperion Analysis and Aggravations

Season three of Miraculous Ladybug has really been smacking fans with new kwamis, transformations, and lore development left and right. Notice “character development” isn’t on this list.

As one could’ve easily predicted, season three completely ignored the fact that Marinette had confessed her feelings to Adrien on the last episode of season two. Instead, we’re back to her being constantly flustered and Adrien categorizing her as “just a friend”. No character development for our two leading heroes in the slightest.

However, hardened MLB viewers have come to accept the many flaws of the show, and we’ve generally just went with the flow.

But then the Viperion episode came out and everyone and their mothers had something to say about it.

Basic summary of the episode: While the band and their friends are practicing, a villain attacks them and Ladybug gives the snake miraculous to Adrien, before passing it on to Luka, and finally defeating the villain.

I made that sound simple.

It’s really not.

Let’s break it down sequence by sequence, in order of aggravation and observation:

  • If you haven’t before, take time to notice how during the intro song, Ladybug fearlessly leaps off the Eiffel Tower and towards the Miraculous logo.
Image result for miraculous ladybug intro gif
  • It’s a great shot, but pausing it right when the logo is shown, you can Marinette had jumped from a very extreme height and I personally can’t help but wonder if she ever stops to think about A) where her yoyo is going to hang from and B) if she could accidentally go splat.
  • We get a close-up of his face and LUKA STILL DOESN’T HAVE EYELASHES. Or equally convincing/aesthetic eye liner like he deserves.
  • Kagami looks so irritated that Marinette is hanging out with Luka, even though that’s good news for her.
  • Suck it up, Adrinette shippers, Adrien and Kagami had great chemistry at the very beginning of this episode. Kagami even went against her strict principels to hang out with Adrien.

Here, we begin out headsmack (HDS) count every time Marinette does something stupid.

  • Marinette sees Adrien and Kagami enjoying each other’s company and instantly gets jealous, forgetting that Luka is literally holding her in his arms and teaching her how to play the guitar. (HDS: 1)
  • Let’s quickly appreciate how much Luka cares about Adrien’s freedoms even though he’s only known Adrien for a short time. Luka is generally a great guy this entire episode.
  • Kagami physically holds Adrien closer when she sees Marinette trying to hold it together in front of them, so A) go get your man! and B) that’s a little possessive, but at least she’s proactive.
  • Luka doesn’t deny it when Kagami calls him Marinette’s boyfriend, which must mean he likes her that way. To be fair, we established that during the “Silencer” episode, where he actually confesses to Marinette.
  • SHE REALLY PULLED AN ADRIEN AND CALLED LUKA “JUST A FRIEND”. This show is going literally nowhere, shipping-wise. (HDS: 2)
  • I’m half confused, half morbidly-fascinated at how Jagged Stone, a man who’s maybe in his thirties, was once romantically involved with Luka’s mom, who looks at least 45. I mean, it would explain her kids’ love for music and bright hair colors, but it’s kinda disturbing to think about. Their past is never fully explained, so we’re kind of in the dark. Also, what about his assistant, Penny??
  • Props to Jagged for playing appropriately moody music on his piano every time he had a mood swing this episode.
  • Jagged asks if they have a guitarist available. Alya obviously points in Luka’s direction, but Marinette somehow translates that to Adrien and suggests him to Jagged instead. She even called him the “greatest musician in the world”. Adrien is a well-trained pianist, but everyone on that boat could tell that was a crazy exaggeration, especially when Luka was the obvious choice. (HDS: 3)
  • Marinette has this habit of putting Adrien up on a god-like pedestal, ignoring everyone’s else’s capabilities. It’s a running theme through the episode.
  • When Jagged points out Luka, Marinette somehow managed to mistranslate again and ask if Adrien could borrow Luka’s guitar. Sweet, wonderful, amazing Luka immediately agreed, even though he was equally surprised. He likes Marinette so much that he gave up his guitar because she asked and she’s still SO blind to his affections. (HDS: 4)
  • When the villain, Desperada, appears, Kagami instantly moves to protect Adrien. And you wonder why people ship Kadrien.
  • Just gonna say this: Desperada’s “if I can’t be your have you, nobody can” ideology is a very overused excuse for villainy in this show.
  • Meanwhile, Alya records every thing for the lady blog. We stan a consistent queen.
  • Luka’s mom and Desperada are bickering about who is the first choice, and it’s pretty obvious foreshadowing for what happens next.
  • In addition to loving Desparada’s voice actress, I love whoever did the illustrations for the stickers of the people she captured. They have some real skill. Reminds me of the lady.

  • Marinette runs away and instead of worrying about the villain, she starts stressing about giving Adrien the guitar for what ever irrelevant reason. (HDS: 5)
  • Even though Adrien was probably trying to find a decent place to secretly transform, Luka didn’t know that and prioritized Adrien’s safety, leading him away from danger. We should really start a Luka-Being-Wonderful counter. This would be be (LBW: 3).
  • Really weird thing to note, but I love Desperada’s teeth? Actually, her whole design is pretty cool.
  • Ladybug collapsed on concrete bridge on top of the villain, and Desperada not only came out fuming, but completely fine and unscratched. Maybe you recieve immunity when you’re akumatized.
  • Ladybug and Adrien look equally love struck when Luka casually brushes off putting himself on the line so he could help them. (LBW: 4)
  • See, Desperada respects the guitar. She couldn’t stand it when some pigeons were screwing around with Luka’s guitar, expressing sympathy for it as if it were another human. She’s legit.
  • Remember when we used to be excited to see Mr.Fu open the miraculous box?
  • Marinette chooses the snake miraculous and can hardly believe she didn’t think of its holder before. Aaaaand it’s Adrien, not Luka, even though Luka was the one who was so heroic before. Wow. (HDS: 5)
  • Adrien not only models, he acts too. I was almost convinced myself that Adrien had run away to find a safer position.
  • Maybe he just habitually winks at everyone whether he likes them or not, but Chat Noir’s wink at Luka was something else.
  • Voicing every fan who ever wanted a full-circle love square, Adrien gushes because Ladybug seems to like him, and want him, and need him for the mission even though she doesn’t know he’s Chat. He really thinks this is his best chance for Ladybug to love him as he is. Poor child. If only he knew.
  • People in the comments were complaining that Adrien’s snake transformation was cringey, especially since his costume made him look bald, but I beg to differ. The color palette for it was really cool and way better than his cat transformation. And yes, I loved the eyeliner look the costume gave him.
  • Adrien in his snake form made a very Chat-like joke, but for some reason, Ladybug laughs at it. Probably because she knows he’s Adrien and of course Adrien is hilarious. (HDS: 6)
  • It was actually messed up of Ladybug to leave Chat out of the plan and more or less call him unimportant. You could see from Adrien’s annoyed expression that he was irritated that LB had so little regard for him in his Chat form. (HDS: 7)
  • First attempt, they failed. Second attempt, Aspik (his snake name) gets distracted in Chat-like form, flirting with Ladybug, and they fail. Third attempt, they get caught snuggling and fail. And they continue to fail, over and over again. One time, Aspik even grows so discouraged he gives up and tells Ladybug he’s actually Chat Noir, right before Ladybug is captured again.
  • This apparently happens 25,913 times. I have three things to say: one, I would’ve quit by attempt number twelve. Two, he’d been living the same five minutes for months and I’m very surprised he didn’t go clinically insane. Lastly, this drives home the reason why their identities have to remain a secret. Ladybug knew Adrien was under the mask and was more suspect to getting distracted by his flirting. Adrien himself wasn’t able to focus properly since he was so set on making a good impression as Adrien. We may complain, but their identities being kept a secret is very efficient, until they both mature a bit more emotionally.
  • Not to jump to conclusions, but Adrien directly described Luka as “brave”, “determined”, and “caring”. He clearly has high opinions of the guy.
  • Ladrien kiss, but it doesn’t feel earned.
  • Luka’s eyebrows will never stop looking scary.
  • Adrien legitimately wanted Ladybug to love him and he felt like he blew his chances, despite how hard he tried. Poor kid.
  • Luka’s Viperion transformation is literally everything. Everything.
  • Viperion immediately sees himself as part of a team, instead of their impromptu saviour like Adrien did. (LBW: 4)
  • See, Chat Noir makes the EXACT SAME JOKE as Aspik did, and Ladybug didn’t even laugh. What hypocrisy. (HDS: 8)
  • I’m never gonna get over Lukadrien/Chaterion’s chemistry. They just work so well together.
  • The pink lips on Luka is not a good look, DELETE.
  • Oh good, Penny and Jagged are still a thing. I’m even more confused about the history of Jagged’s love life now.
  • They way Luka looks at Ladybug as she leaves makes me think that he probably likes and/or admires Ladybug as well. One comment even suggested he knows her identity. But knowing this show, that’s probably not the case.
  • BRO.
  • Kagami suddenly reappears and tells Marinette she needs to hurry and choose. We love a proactive, plot-pushing queen.
  • And then we finally get the lovely collage at end.

Final Headsmack count: 8

Final Luka-Being-Wonderful count: 4

I’ve mostly said what I wanted to say, except for a few things.

One of the comments had this theory that if a miraculous isn’t right for that person, their head is covered by the costume. They said this probably meant that Gabriel was never meant to have the butterfly miraculous, since his head is also covered. I think it’s an under developed theory, but it’s one worth thinking about.

I enjoyed the episode, except for all those times Marinette was unfair towards Luka and unintentionally stripped him of opportunities he deserved in favor of Adrien. I agree with the mass who are annoyed by Marinette’s crush now. It was cute before, but it’s become obsessive and unhealthy.

Some have even grown so tired of it that they’re completely open to the idea of Adrien and Luka going out instead. That has no chance of happening, but even I have to admit that their interactions are gold, and a refreshing change of pace from the norm.

I think what we all want is some continuity, both in romance, plot, and lore. But at the moment, we’re not even getting the episodes in order, so maybe that’s a bit much to ask for.

Fingers crossed though. Fingers always crossed for this show.


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