Suspenders Are Basically Overrated Backpack Straps

At my school, we have this thing called “Spirit Week”. Spirit Week isn’t always about homecoming. Sometimes it’s to bring awareness to types of cancer, drug addiction, etc. Sometimes, it’s just an excuse for us to discover “hey, I didn’t know you the exact same pair of Jo Jo’s Bizarre Adventure socks!”

I like participating in these things, except for one day: Nerd-Out Day. I am endlessly frustrated by Nerd-Out Day.

  1. They always dress like geeks. Nerds are the ones who are knowledgeable in the subjects like Star Wars, Dragon Ball-Z, and are capable of reciting every line from The Office. They dress like regular people, but with extra pockets for their Pokemon cards. Geeks are the type to enter math competitions, somehow win them, and are the stereotypes that bullies in the comics like to, well…bully. They dress in button ups, loafers, and traditionally: suspenders.

They are the main reason I refuse to participate in Nerd-Out Day. Where do people even find those things? Why am I the only one who doesn’t conveniently have those overrated backpack straps hanging around my closet?

Nerd-Out Day this year:

Image result for nerd candy


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