Edward Cullen Is Actually Batman

I suspect that many of you have been living under a rock the size of a continent, because whenever I tell people that Robert Pattinson is the new Batman, I usually get responses likes this:

Image result for blinking guy gif

Yes people, the guy from Twilight is playing Batman. And we should be incredibly happy about this.

Listen, Robert isn’t exactly an A-list actor, but he’s got some serious chops. It’s very unfortunate that his best known role is an angsty YA novel vampire, but don’t predict what his Batman performance will be like based on that.

And if you must compare them that way, think about this: a vampire is a human bat. Who better to play a superhero bat?

I do know Batman isn’t a vampire at all…excluding the one case in a different universe:

Image result for vampire batman

My friend, who is a giant comic book fan fan, isn’t on board with Robert as Batman at all, and I can’t really blame her. No one’s convincing me Brie Larson was a good Captain Marvel. Nobody.

But as I proposed with the actor who portrays Artemis Fowl in the Disney movie, give Robert a chance to prove himself worthy of donning the black caped costume.

Disclaimer: if he sucks, this post never existed.


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