Drag Queens Confuse Me

I’m frankly not sure what to think about drag queens. They’re guys, who have women alter-egos, but still identify as men? Or are there female drag queens too? Are drag queens a mock-up of men who intentionally dress as overly exaggerated women? It’s a twisted, convoluted concept to say the least.

As demonstrated, I have a very limited knowledge of drag queens. The only one I know is Naomi Smalls, for his/her (??) creation of the infamous meme song “Legs.”

Absolutely legendary.

Also legendary? YouTube Rewind 2018, featuring the most cringe-worthy speeches of all time. One of those cringe-worthy speeches was about drag queens. Since I know almost nothing about them, I normally wouldn’t be inclined to care.

But then I saw one screenshot, and I have to call it out:

Image result for youtube rewind 2018 drag queen

That. Is freaky.

I don’t know whether the other woman in black is a drag queen, but her friend is actually scary. I legitimately can’t tell whether their eyes are closed or not or maybe they’re possessed??

Maybe I should just leave drag queen to the drag queens.


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