The Beauty of Forehead Wrinkles

There are hundreds of services in America that offer to remove facial wrinkles. Which is great if you’re an aging person who doesn’t necessarily want to look like a raisin at 55.

But it is beyond me why a young person of 20 would want to remove their forehead wrinkles. You know, when you lift your eyebrows and the skin above it folds.

I don’t have forehead wrinkles when I do that, which some would consider a blessing. However, I tend to be of the opinion that people who have them are far more interesting to look at.

For example, take RM of BTS:

Image result for rm bts serious

Look at how expressive he is. I mean, he’s clearly happy here, but his forehead wrinkles only accentuate it. If he didn’t have them, I reckon he’d look less handsome (like a man) and more cute (like a college freshman).

He’s fantastic either way, but you get the point.

Maybe if I had forehead wrinkles, people would take me more seriously. One critical eyebrow lift and they’d be packing.

So if you have forehead wrinkles, be proud of them. You’re a much more captivating person than you might expect.


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