Why Stan Lee When You Can Stan Loona

Aight, so I happened to read this UPROXX article about Nicki Minaj’s retirement. Nicki’s own fans seemed to split between being optimistic, going ballistic, or feeling disappointed about the news.

Then enter:

Image result for stan loona meme

These jerks really said Nicki Minaj decided to retire at that time because Loona was having a comeback and Nicki was too intimdated to up against them.


To all Loona stans who think it’s okay to bring k-pop into everything and spam this message: cease and desist.

You’re making k-pop fans look bad.

I’m sure Loona’s great. But even I’d go crazy if I saw “stan ATEEZ” or “stan WayV” at every single corner of the internet.

I understand it’s a joke now, and most Loona stans are embarrassed by it, but to that minority who can’t take a hint–

Image result for stop gif

Or for k-pop fans:

Image result for stob it bts gif


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