The Death of Your Taste Buds

The feeling of wanting to have a pickle, but knowing full well you hate pickles is unpleasant.

It’s similar to being hungry and not wanting to eat. Or wanting to watch something on your designated streaming service, but endlessly scrolling because everything seems to suck for some reason.

I don’t actually hate pickles, but I used to. By incident, I found out why I used to hate so many foods when I was younger.

You know how they only feed babies applesauce because anything more than that will overwhelm their taste buds? It still applies to toddlers and younger kids. We can obviously consume apple sauce by the time we’re in third grade, but our taste buds are still new enough that anything too flavorful (like pickles, tomatoes, strawberries) will end up like a typical episode of Shokugeki no Soma (Food Wars):

Related image

As we grow older, our taste buds reach their peak and begin to die, making flavor foods’ impact less powerful.

For example, I used to despise tomatoes with every fiber in my being. Admittedly, putting tomatoes on breakfast egg sandwiches is never a good idea to begin with, but it only heightened my hate for the fruit.

So imagine my complete shock a decade later when I was eating a torta and I was disappointed because the tomatoes ran out before I could finish eating the sandwich. Since when did tomatoes start tasting good?

They always tasted that way. I just couldn’t handle their power when I was younger.

So the feeling of wanting to have a pickle, but knowing full well you hate pickles is unpleasant, but only natural. That’s your taste buds predicting your future love for pickle juice, but your brain fighting against it.

Or maybe you just hate pickles.


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