How To Write A Romantic Non-WattPad-Sounding Description

I have the overwhelming urge to write a sweeping romance.

His deep ocean blue eyes looked into mine. His lips made a perfect arch on his face. 

Right off the bat, there are three critical mistakes in those two sentences full of Wattpad-iness. First of all: Wattpad-iness. I’ve been told by several friends that description tend to sound like something they read in a Wattpad fanfic. They know how lowly I think of 95% of all Wattpad stories, so that’s immediately a blow.

Two, “deep ocean blue eyes” isn’t possible. It’s your world with your characters and your logic, but a little research is still in order. I did mine and sadly discovered humans can only have light blue eyes. This is due to a lack of the color brown. The good news is that amber eyes are real, and if I wanted to write a character with “emerald streaks in his honey-colored eyes”, I could do so with peace of mind.

Three, why describe lips? Just saying that sounds cringey. Describe the smile. Does the dude have an ugly crooked smile? A cute one that exposes that one dimple on his left cheek? I beg if you, if he has abnormally long canine teeth, don’t describe them unless he happens to be a werewolf. And if he’s a werewolf, you should really be rethinking your story.

Ah, but I still have the urge to write a sweeping romance…

His deep ocean blue amber eyes looked stared into mine my soul. His lips smile made created a perfect arch on his face, revealing a dimple deeper than the grand canyon, pacific ocean, and an inverse Burj Khalifa combined. 



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