Review of Boku No Hero Academia- S4 Episode 3

I just finished watching the third episode of Boku No Hero Academia’s (My Hero Academia) fourth season.

In it, we see Midoriya battle Sir Night Eye for the stamp to officially approve his internship at Sir Night Eye’s agency and the other kids in Midoriya’s class try to figure out who they’ll intern with.

I’m not completely sure what to make out of Sir Nighteye. They say he used to be All Might’s side kick, so exactly what the heck happened to make them split up? Maybe they separated on good terms since it seems like he’s a bigger All-Might fanatic than Midoriya. And what’s with his cynical side? Why did he choose Togata?

Obviously, I was left with a lot more questions than answers after I finished watching this episode. But I have a few extremely important notes:

  • Bubble Girl must have one heck of a quirk to be Night Eye’s sidekick, or that’s what I’m assuming her position is. I know she’s fan made (which explains her questionable outfit [which I hate a lot]), but what’s her importance in the plot?
  • Midoriya was unbearably cute, as usual.
  • DEEP BREATHS EVERYONE: Hawks made in his very first appearance in the anime! As a gorgeous red-feathered silhouette, BUT IT STILL COUNTS.
He’s radiating fabulously sarcastic vibes.
  • I have been a fan of Hawks since I first accidentally read about him in a fanfic and now consider him one of my children. His design is just to coolest and I shook my sister to death 47+ times when Aizawa first mentioned him. He’s close to half the reason I’ve been looking forward to this season. The amount of anticipation I have built up is insane.
  • Personally, I don’t care what his canon voice, he has to have an Australian accent. And that’s that.
  • It’s about the annoying purple grape: everyone laughing at him is my aesthetic.
  • My favorite squad of idiots are back:
Mustard, Ketchup, and Soy Sauce back at it.
  • WE GOT SO MANY SCREENCAPS OF KIRISHIMA AND TSUYU TOGETHER. Someone still my heart. They are collectively my best boy and best girl. Just look at this utter beauty–


  • I kind of just want to hurry up and get past this arc so we can get to joint training with Class 1B. Us anime-only’s have been absolutely starved of any interactions between the two classes. I need to see more of Kendou and that girl with the vine hair. Not to mention Awase, who I’m particularly looking forward to learning more about. Why?
  • It’s canon that Awase has a crush on Momo, and as much as I ship Todomomo, I’m dying for some Awase x Momo interactions where they aren’t being chased by a nomu. I think they’d be cute together, even as friends.
  • I’ve been hearing rumors of Bakugou and Todoroki interactions, which I’m not sure what to make of. I just hope Todoroki pisses the heck out of Bakugou haha.
  • Bakugou is the only guy in the dorms with a sense of fashion. That black tank top, black pants, and black doc martens? Chef’s kiss. The kid’s a model in the making.

And that’s all for now. October has been a really great month for me, entertainment-wise and the future’s looking bright!

Go beyond, plus ultra!


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