Voltron’s Fandom Respected Hunk Stans

I haven’t talked about Voltron Legendary Defenders in a while, especially since the fiasco that was season eight.

However, I have come to bring light to something I’ve always thought about one character in the show: Hunk. And more specifically, Hunk stans.

Hunk stans (like a certain Lance bias *koff*) love him, think he deserves the best, and want him to succeed no matter what.

But while the fandom was at its peak and people were needlessly over fighting an ending they would never get, I noticed something: everyone respected the Hunk stans.

Lance and Keith stans were a dime a dozen, and no one respected them because they didn’t respect each other. Pidge stans were slightly less common, but it was easy to find fans roleplaying as her on social media. Nobody paid attention to Shiro stans and if you stanned Allura, you were either the enemy or the most logical person in the room. Stanning anyone else was your own business.

But see, Hunk stans…everyone respected Hunk stans. They were such a rare species. They were all secretly ashamed they weren’t stanning who they all knew is the most lovable character. Hunk was made to be the Baymax of the team. The big, warm man who could both cook a good stew and fix your car. A family man. I mean, Heith (Hunk x Keith) didn’t materialize from nowhere. Hunk was made to be the one the other characters could rely on.

However, the writers made him a throw-away character for comedic purposes and made him a cosmic Gordon Ramsey instead of the engineer he wanted to be. It’s like the writers didn’t know what to do with him anymore.

If there was one thing the very divided Voltron fandom could agree on, it was that Hunk deserved better, as did the sweet peaceful Hunk stans.

I will reiterate this: Voltron. Sucks.


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