Q:Fandoms- Miraculous Ladybug

There is the general opinion in the fandom that even though this show is complete trash, we still love it anyway. If we can get past the sometimes-mediocre CGI, predictable plotlines, boring villains, or overdone tropes, then we can see it for what it really is: a cute kids’ show.

And I use kids’ show lightly because there are themes of suicide and depression in the later seasons when things become a little more interesting. The characters are ground-level lovable and with the magic involved, there’s lots of room for theories. The Love Square (which should be called Love Octahedron at this point) is one of its most attractive selling points, both in the shipping aspect and the story telling aspect.

I think most of us hang on despite the show’s low quality because there’s much potential to be had, especially if you dig deeper and discover the show’s surprisingly rich history. We won’t let Garbage Man Astruc (the creator) deter us from watching it.

Çok iyi anlatmışşş....
Is it just me or is this post even better since they're all wearing spandex outfits similar to Ladybug's suit?!? XD

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