Q: Fandom- Boku No Hero Academia

One of my current obsessions. I got into this show when Voltron: Legendary Defenders was going downhill and I needed something to replace my 2D cartoon slot. Since I had already seen the first episode at a summer program, I jumped right in.

I was so riveted I skipped classes to go to the library and watch it, especially during the tournament arc. Fast forward one year, two rewatches, one movie, and literally hundreds of fanfictions read later, and I’m absolute trash for this show. Horikoshi outdid himself.

The characters are all so interesting, the development is off the charts, the story is stellar, there are so many theories, so many ships, so much creativity. It’s amazing something like this even exists: a kids show that doesn’t talk down to its audience or back away from some heavy themes. It’s no wonder so many people have fallen in love with it.


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