I Do Not Like It When Males Make Period Jokes

There are few methods to make me angry more effectively than when someone of the opposite gender cracks a period joke.

I’ll be reading a comic or watching TV, and perhaps a female character is upset at the guy and the guy jokingly says “looks like someone’s on their period” or “must be that time of the month”.

Image result for symbol angry anime face gif

I’m not sure if I’m being over sensitive, but something in me just snaps.

Sometimes, males have zero respect for females. Every single month, we’re forced to go through this unbearable pain that sidelines us for hours and puts our daily lives at a stand still. I can’t count how many days I’ve spent curled up in bed, uncomfortable and wishing it would all end.

Females get sick, dizzy, tired, bloated, get break outs, joint pain, etc.


In addition, some females with especially harsh hormone imbalances get menstrual migraines during or after their periods. They have head-splitting migraines for hours on end and intense neck pain. As someone who gets these and has to go to school at the same time: it’s not fun and it’s not funny.

I don’t care if we’re friends. Make a joke about “that time of the month” and we’re no longer friends.

The only thing that makes me madder is when another female says “I don’t feel anything on my period. It’s like a regular day for me.”

Stop. You’re not part of this.


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