Celebrate Your Achievements

Sometimes, you just want to tell someone you’re proud of yourself.

For example, I just finished taking a test and I got a 21/22! I’m extremely proud of myself. I worked really hard on the questions and I was expecting to have to retake it, but I got a great score! My hard work paid off.

I’m proud of myself. And I want you to know it.

Yeah, it’s not winning a Nobel Prize or discovering a cure to cancer…but at least I won’t be failing my statistics class any time soon. I deserve to be happy about my accomplishment.

So now I’m going to stay up until 3 AM watching k-pop videos and reading webtoons as a reward for my hard work.

Got a job? Go out for dinner with friends to celebrate with the money you haven’t earned yet.

Wrote a story? Time for a spa date.

Successfully killed the fly that’s been bothering you for hours? That calls for a shopping spree.

Point is, be satisfied with your achievements and pop out the champagne when you do something right for once.


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