Why Atinys Do Not Like MOAs

As a current Atiny, and a former MOA, I think I can explain why ATEEZ’s fanbase dislikes TXT’s fanbase to the extent they do.

One would first be inclined to think Atinys are mad that TXT has BigHit privilege. That privilege allowed to TXT to have a large fanbase from the beginning, while ATEEZ had to start from the bottom up. But in actuality, we don’t really care about who has what privilege.

See, we already know we’re up against major contenders who have always had an edge in terms of fanship. X1 (who have now disbanded) fans came from Produce 101 who saw them fight to debut in the group. TXT had the support of ARMYs from BTS who came to help their baby brother group. ATEEZ simply came out of the gates strong and have only grown stronger each comeback, enough to go head to head with the other groups.

But with X1 out of the game, it’s clear that it’s TXT against ATEEZ for Best Rookie and the potential leader of the fourth generation. Second gen had Big Bang, third gen has BTS, so naturally, both MOAs and ATEEZ fans want their faves to come out on top.

Atiny are known to be friendly. Not necessarily “chill”, seeing as we are extremely passionate about the boys, but non-toxic for the most part. However, that gets thrown out the window when it comes to voting for ATEEZ against TXT.

At first, it was evident both sides were trying to be civil and respect each other because members of ATEEZ and TXT are friends (two ATEEZ members used to be BigHit trainees).

But then, award season came around, and Atinys could only watch as TXT won ROTY award after ROTY award. It suddenly didn’t matter that ATEEZ and TXT were friends. We felt like ATEEZ was being robbed of what they clearly deserved, just because TXT had the bigger fandom.

Atinys don’t lie to each other: we know TXT has good songs, and solid dancing, and they’re talented. We respect them for that.

Reactors will comment about TXT’s creative choreography, beautiful MVs, and interesting story. To paraphrase a Reddit user: TXT is a good group with a great company. It’s BigHit that makes TXT look good. TXT on their own are no different than any other group.

No flak to Yeonjun, Huening Kai, Taehyun, Beomgyu or Soobin, but they’re very cookie-cutter kpop stars. They do precisely what they’re told and they do it well.

But when reactors comment about ATEEZ, there’s one common theme almost all of them share: ATEEZ has the IT factor. You know, that j’nai sai quoi. The undefinable quality that makes them stand out.

Somehow, you can tell they’re 100% real (or as real as you can get with an celebrity) and in it to win it. They’re loud on variety shows, vibrant on showcases, and include their fans in decisions, including where they tour and even the lightstick design. Even when they hit a roadblock (such as when some members were injured and couldn’t promote), they always make the best of it and act professionally. But outside of work, they’re just fun to watch. It’s hard not to have the biggest smile on your face watching them hang out together.

Add that on top of renown stage presence, a unique discography, veteran-level dancing skills, and a great concept, it’s obvious why Atinys decide to stan. The fact they’re also handsome helps too.

Going back to award shows and voting, it’s only fair that Atinys feel that ATEEZ continue to be snubbed in favor of a TXT just because they didn’t debut with an advantage.

I, as an Atiny, don’t really mind that TXT constantly wins ROTY. ROTY is great, but it doesn’t matter if ATEEZ manages to win AOTY of the year later on. They’re just getting started.

But it’s very very difficult not to be salty when trying to vote ATEEZ for ROTY on Mubeat. Atinys are trying their hardest to get ATEEZ their last possible ROTY and at the exact same time, MOAs are commenting “C’mon guys! Let’s get TXT their tenth ROTY!”

Excuse me.

Their “tenth”.

Do they not realize how bad that sounds? How pompous it makes their entire fanbase appear?

Atinys were begging each other not to fight MOAs or call them selfish, but I have no doubt many of us were holding our tongues.

If I were a little less mature, I would have keyboard-warrior-ed the comment section and said “MOAs are being selfish! ATEEZ hasn’t won a single ROTY and this is our last chance, and MOAs are busy trying to steal their win just to add one to their collection. Ya’ll know ATEEZ are technically better and instead of helping us–“

Ack, but I didn’t. Atinys do like keeping their reputation clean as possible, and I didn’t want to be labeled as one of the bad apples. Additionally, I’d never want another group’s fandom to hold back just because they felt sorry for us. That’s not nice, despite their intentions.

Still, it’s hard not to be mad at MOAs when they’re quote: “desperately” fighting for their tenth win. They’re not desperate; they’re annoying.

It’s irritating that TXT wins every time even though ATEEZ is just as good if not better and it’s irritating their fans feel the need to flaunt their wins and then still paint them as underdogs.

I’m honestly kind of scared that ATEEZ will fall behind. They’re off to such a great start and for them to fade away would be heartbreaking. That’s why Atinys are so passionate and that’s why even though we respect MOAs and their devotion, we don’t like them.

2021 atiny speaking. A lot of people have read this and for a while, I’ve been starting to think that I didn’t convey what I wanted to properly. While I do agree with certain things I wrote, I have to revise my thoughts.

Atinys don’t hate MOAs. Alright? Fan wars are no good and no fandom collectively hates another. It’s just a few vocal fans who choose to alienate the other team.

I’m not worried for ATEEZ. They’ll be fine and they don’t need every single award, though I will fight to give them what I can. I don’t mind that TXT wins more often. It’s just the way it is and really, I’ve chosen not to care and focus on what my own faves are up to.

So yeah, don’t forget to be a chill fan, drink lemonade, and stan whoever you like.

3 thoughts on “Why Atinys Do Not Like MOAs

  1. Woozi

    Tbh, Im an Atiny AND a moa, but I don’t care about ANY of those things. I think fandoms should be friends no matter what! I mean, all the kpop fandoms………….. They all like kpop!! So I don’t get the point of having a fanwar. Ah, anyways goodbye i got to go do stuff


  2. Manvith Harikiran

    We got a World Rookie Award at Gaon,Next Gen at GDA and Discovery of the Year at MAMA.

    Maybe Korean award shows way of saying

    Sorry Ateez,You see we dont want to make our overlords at Bighit sad so here you go


  3. Maria Bishop

    The biggest issue I have/had with Moas as an Atiny is the mentioned smugness over the ROTY stuff, and how much less TxT did compared to how much content Ateez had put out even with their bigger production teams and facilities and general budget, but even more so the refusal to acknowledge the fact that being from Big Hit is a privilege and that it was a step up to have BTS calling them their little brothers all the time. They’s deny it, even say it was a detriment to them, and would try to claim they didn’t have it but Ateez did with Block B (1, not even close to the same level of popularity, 2, they haven’t been active since they’ve been doing enlistment and haven’t released anything other than Zico’s solo a another company since before Ateez debuted, 3, they very rarely talk about them at all, like I can count on one hand the number of times a Block B member has publicly said anything about them). The insistence on it all being just their talent and the just be better/stream/vote harder vibes in response get infuriating. Especially when it’s them trying to start stuff with bragging about sales or subscribers/followers. I remember Blue Hour popping up on my recommended throughout it’s first 24 hours, and kept being surprised by how low the numbers were, and tend to be on their other content with all the subscribers/followers they have. While if you look at voting when BTS are also nominated in the same category, all those super organic fans suddenly aren’t voting for them. Company stans will buy up anything for a collection, but when it comes to actual support, it’s not there. Inactive or otherwise concerned. Yet they imply Ateez and Atiny need to work harder. Ateez didn’t have anything other than their own talent and a company that cared about their comfort and health over profits to get themselves from less than 500 first week sales to 350,000 pre sales and them alone putting KQ as the 8th (of course it was 8) highest selling company in the industry, compared to companies with a bunch of popular groups. Organic growth, but it gets dismissed while they brag about how big the hybe building is. Meanwhile guess who keeps winning awards that are given by experts and not fan votes, and who came in first (yes, even over BTS and Armys) during the live voting for MAMAs 2020.

    That’s not to say that TxT aren’t talented guys or have bad music. They deserve to do well and be awarded for it. But it’s the refusal to admit that they had a bonus to start and continue to have privilege of a big company and very popular label mates.


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