Discussing Ships in “Lookism”

As any good manhwa (or story in general really) should, there are ships in Lookism.

Ships can be a very important selling point, especially if trying to appeal to a certain demographic. Any story can have a good-hearted hero in the fight against evil, but if the hero is motivated by a love interest, even better.

In action stories, where action naturally comes first, having a relationship as a side story can be what keeps readers who would otherwise be bored engaged. I personally don’t think you should bother to read or watch a story if the only thing that matters to you is the relationships, but to each their own.

With that out of the way, let’s talk about Lookism ships and answer everyone’s main shipping-related question.

Zack and Mira are basically canon at this point. They even had this cute series of episodes where they took care of a baby they found. Tell me that’s not the most obvious type of foreshadowing. Mira should really hurry up and go out with Zack already, for the following reasons:

  • He beat up not one, but two rapists on her behalf
  • He became a better person for her
  • He worships the ground she walks on
  • They’re constantly going on dates
  • She likes him back, whether she admits it or not

Of course, the main shipwrecker would be Johan, but it’s been too many years for Johan to even have a chance with Mira. I don’t think he’s even interested in her anymore. The scenes where it appears that he is jealous is more likely showing his jealousy towards Zack for being able to live his life and get the girl.

There’s also Vasco and that guy who was revealed to be a girl, Leonn. I personally find this ship a bit abrupt, but it’d be cute nonetheless. I don’t necessarily like Leonn’s personality (if you really wanna go out with him, woman up and ask him out, geez) but they did have that adorable fireworks scene after Vasco’s blind date, so I don’t mind too much.

I don’t ship Vasco and Jace because they’re best friends and Jace was shown chasing after this girl, so….yeah, no. They’re still a really good pair though! The way Jace watches out for Vasco because he knows how witless his friend can be is heart-warming.

Enter Daniel x Crystal. You would think they’re meant to be endgame because they both have two bodies and understand the struggle, but I think not. Thus far, Crystal is not a fan of tall Daniel and Daniel hasn’t shown any interest in tall Crystal. The little encounters they had before she transferred to his school don’t count because it’s common to be shortly attracted to a rando on the street.

If I had my way, the person who Daniel would end up would be Zoe. Zoe is perfect for him. Since early on, she’s had a crush on both versions of Daniel, putting aside her biases against his appearance in favor of his personality and good heart. She dated Logan and faced the backlash alone just so Daniel wouldn’t be harassed. We have no choice but to stan.

Daniel hasn’t shown any feelings towards her affection other than confusion, but they’re definitely friends at this point. I have high hopes for this ship.

Oop, let’s try not to remember that scary time when Yui had a crush on tall Daniel. They were even setting up Yui to be part of the main squad before she thankfully faded into the background.

So then we finally arrive at Daniel x Jay. The holy grail.

This is how I feel about Janiel:

This ship is cursed. Cursed.

I’m probably going to need a whole new post for this ship specifically, but here’s the main idea:

It’s not going to sail. No matter how badly we want it. No matter how blatant it is. It’s not going to happen. So to all you Janiel shippers, you better jump off board while you’re ahead because Daniel’s ending the series with a girlfriend. You are destined to be heartbroken, upset, and angry if you continue to pursue this ship.

You have been warned.

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