“Reckon” Is Such A Cool Word

Maybe for you, the word “reckon” conjurs up an image of a Southern cowboy talking to his friend over a bottle of beer at the local saloon.

For me, I think the decline of the use of “reckon” is saddening. It’s a very snazzy word. Just think about it.

Compare “I don’t think the food here is very good” to “I don’t reckon the food here is very good.”

“Reckon” has a sense of under-utilized swag. But due to its inherent nature of being associated with cowboys and Western films, which aren’t popular anymore, it is analogously deemed as an unpopular and old-fashioned word.

Tis a shame.

But here’s the thing. I’m glad people use “reckon” less frequently now. I recently rediscovered it and it’s become one of my defining features when texting people. No other person I know uses that word in casual conversation. It’s a signature now.

“Reckon” is a such a cool word. But I don’t want anyone else using it but me.


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