Theory: How Daniel Park Obtained The Second Body

As of the time I am writing this, Lookism is currently at the point where the Hostel arc very recently finished and Daniel has stumbled upon Gun in his renewed search for James Lee’s identity. That would be…episode 284.

So yeah, what I’m saying is that if my theory is right, I predicted it fair and square, no bull attached.

Anyway, I think I’ve managed to connect the dots and figure out the mystery behind Daniel’s second body and Charles Choi’s connection to it.

It was about four in the morning and I was rereading Lookism. Danny was ambushed by Charles Choi, Crystal Choi’s CEO father.

Charles said he would’ve killed Daniel in that moment if Daniel hadn’t had things to accomplish with the gift he was given.

For some reason, that struck a chord with me and I paused to really think about it. Why was Charles Choi angry that Daniel had the body? Why was he saying Daniel was wasting his “gift”? Why did he even know about the second body and where to find its owner in the first place? Why did he make up James Lee? And why did he tell Daniel not to look for James Lee?

Then something clicked.

Daniel’s second body had been passed down for generations and Charles Choi killed the previous owner, James Lee, in order to acquire the second body.

It doesn’t explain the body’s origins but it would explain a lot of other things.

Here’s the full theory: The second body has never belonged to one person. It can be acquired by anyone, but only through chance. The body doesn’t have “a chosen one” who it believes will do greater good. It’s just whoever stumbles upon it after the last owner has used it.

In James Lee’s case, he had the body so he used it fulfill the athletic things he couldn’t achieve before. Based on the trophies Daniel found in the abandoned school, he was already gifted in art and academics, but maybe the body gave him a biased advantage (based on looks) over everyone else, allowing him to win first no matter what.

Something Daniel in the most recent episode noted (as of this post) was that the photo he found in James Lee’s locker was old.

So here’s another concept: whoever owns the body can only use it for a period of time.

Let’s say the photo Daniel found was taken 20-25 years ago. Assuming Lookism takes place present day, color photos in the late 1990s were very common and James Lee’s family may have newly acquired the store in the photo and had taken a picture for commemoration.

It could go two ways:

  1. James Lee is in high school at the time and he has the body.
  2. He was just born (the bundle in their arms is unclear, so it’s either flowers or a baby) and he got the body several years later in high school. I think this is more likely and fits the time frame of the story better.

We don’t know what kind of life he led yet, but he was also poor. However, he had a whole family. I can’t theorize about what happened to them. There’s just not enough information yet.

Anyway, the school must’ve lost its funding (seeing as it is in a small town) and shut down, leaving James Lee no other choice but to move to Seoul. According to the calendar Daniel found, that was five years ago. Five years ago, if he was born some time from 1990-1995, he’s presently between 25-30. He moved to Seoul when he was 18-20.

Or. Orrrrrr James Lee graduated and his accomplishments were the only things keeping the school afloat, so they had no choice but to close after he left. They left his trophies behind to honor the memory of the student who gave their school so much recognition.

Or more likely, they left it all in a rush because they were evicted and had no chance to clean up.


That means that when James Lee left, he more than likely still had the second body. Whether or not he was able to actually use it is questionable. For all we know, he could’ve stuffed the body in a suitcase like Daniel tends to do and hauled it with him to Seoul.

But something happened between the time he moved to the house in Seoul and the time Danny moved there.

Crystal’s dad killed James Lee.

Crystal somehow got a female counterpart of the second body and it must’ve been impossible to hide that information from her father. Her father probably learned as much as he could from Crystal’s body. Just like Daniel, he didn’t want to risk killing Crystal’s chubbier body in case something went wrong.

Instead, he sought out the second male body. Using his immense money and resources, the chairman was able to find the most athletically outstanding student in Korea, his history, and where he lived. Having Gun as his right-hand man (who we now know is in on the secret of the two bodies), he took out James Lee.

If you’re asking why James Lee didn’t fight back, there are two options.

  1. James’ first body was totally useless, so killing him was a cinch.
  2. James lived in a quiet town where he didn’t need to fight, therefore never learning how. When he tried to fight against Gun, Gun simply overpowered him.

The chairman killed him in hopes of either using the new body for himself, giving the new body to someone of Gun’s choosing to be the “new” Gun, or renting out the body like some sort of sick business.

However, like I said before, whoever owns the body can only use it for a period of time.

James Lee might’ve ran out of time with the body. Like Daniel noted, the body never changes. No matter how much you eat or starve or sleep, it remains the same. Therefore, that must be applicable to the perceived age of the body as well. Looking surface level, the body is an older teenager from 16-20 years old. It wouldn’t make sense for a 45 year-old to be masquerading as a teenager.

So one can only own the body when they are actually a teenager. After a certain period of time, one will no longer be able to switch bodies and they will be stuck with their old one.

But Crystal’s dad doesn’t know that. He killed James Lee and thought the body was now free-real estate.

Here’s where things get blurry. Gun is still a teenager and was a teenager when James Lee was killed. He could’ve owned the body and took on the identity of James Lee.

Or maybe he didn’t. There’s not enough information.

But what we do know is Charles Choi wasn’t able to use the body, nor was he able to pass it on to someone else. He was angry.

Again, this is blurry. Did he kill James Lee and leave the second body in that house, only for Daniel to move in and accidentally obtain it? Or was Daniel moving there premeditated by the chairman so the chairman could see how to acquire the second body? Perhaps he let Daniel move there in hopes the tough Seoul environment would harden up Daniel and shape him up into the perfect new body guard?

Then there’s the issue of DG. For now, we only know DG is an idol who works with the chairman and makes him a lot of money. I do not know if DG also owns another body. I do not know if DG can fight. I do not know if or why DG is aware of the second bodies. Actually, I hate DG. So damn mysterious for nothing. What a jerk.

The chairman is looking to replace DG because he’s gotten too big. He needs someone who will work under him and bend to his will, unlike DG. Daniel could be the one.

Instead, he sees Daniel goofing off with his pals and having a good time. That don’t sit right with the chairman.

Plus, Daniel’s getting too curious about where the body came from, so Charles Choi has no choice but to cover up the murder and try to take Danny off the trail. It doesn’t work, and he would kill Daniel, but it’s not like no one would notice if Daniel suddenly disappeared. No need to make a suspicious situation even fishier.

He lets Danny go and promises that he’ll tell him about his body if Daniel manages to surpass DG.

I’ll admit there are some significant holes in my theory. The most confounding one is the line where the chair man says “I never thought I’d use James Lee this way”.

The only way I can interpret this is that James Lee is actually a made up person. The chairman has been keeping tracks on the movement of the second body for decades and uses the identity James Lee to cover for instances when the second body’s identity is in contention.

…but that wouldn’t explain the numerous trophies, so nah.

Another theory would be that the chairman used to own the body when he was younger and created two completely different people, one being Charles Choi and the other being James Lee (the second body). But I’m not sure to what extent that theory can go.

In the end, it’s all a guessing game, but I have a good feeling about my theories. But in case I’m not right:


3 thoughts on “Theory: How Daniel Park Obtained The Second Body

  1. Lee

    Sadly you’re wrong James Lee is alive and he’s been under the alias of DG. The name James Lee is borrowed but the body is definitely not James Lee.


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