Why Are Bananas The Face Of Clickbait?

There are many different kinds of clickbait in the world. There’s the raunchy kind you have to endure when pirating movies and over-hyped Korean manhwas (speaking from experience). I don’t think I need to elaborate.

There are ones showing low-quality images that may or may not be aliens, better click to make sure.

There’s the kind that are like: “You’ll NEVER guess where this 1995 celebrity disappeared to” or “______ lost over 100 kg and looks stunning now” or “why the movie industry won’t hire xyz anymore”. Nothing you can’t google yourself if you’re actually that curious.

But my least favorite kinds are the ones about health. Specifically food. I don’t mind the ones where they’re simply comparing “hello fresh” to another service and they have a scrumptious-looking piece of chicken lying beautifully on a wooden chop board. I could use more of those.

Instead, what I get (when it’s not tryphophobia-inducing strawberries) is bananas.


Why. Why is it bananas?

Christian Alsis on Twitter: "This clickbait ad just goes to prove ...

For some inexplicable reason, bananas are either the poster child for losing belly fat in less than a year or a cursed item you should avoid at all costs unless you want to get diagnosed with cabbage head and liver disease.

I just wanna know. I love bananas. They’re yellow (my favorite color), delicious when at peak yellowness, and come in all sorts of variations, including but not limited to plantain.

So why abuse the banana’s beauty this way?

I’m rarely on twitter, but the few times I’ve been there, I noticed this lovely account dedicated to clicking the clickbait for you so you don’t have to. An honorable venture indeed.

Additionally, there’s a wonderful meme that can be applied if you’re ever on social media and come across banana click bait claiming that physicians tell you to cut it from your diet:

Come on gang, Let's go check the comment section for clues ...

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