You Are Not Obligated To Care

You know, a lot of bad things happen in the world. Activism is important. Your voice is important.

But at the same time: you can choose not to speak. You have the right to just stay under the radar and ride the waves.

I have nothing against those who choose to be vocal. I have major respect actually. But then actively choosing to be a wallflower is also fine. Others might try to push you but you have every right to say “no, leave me out of this”.

I don’t necessarily know the reasons one would have to remain silent and wordlessly let the events unroll, but you should know isn’t (or shouldn’t be) any pressure for you as a person of color or otherwise, to speak.

One thought on “You Are Not Obligated To Care

  1. Sexy

    i agree :-0 i think it’s better if you don’t say anything if you can’t say anything supportive. but i always encourage others to speak anyway. it’s not shameful to not say anything.

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