ATEEZ’s Comeback Better Not Suck

ATEEZ is having a comeback on the 29th this month (July 2020) and I’m fairly terrified.

I’ve been keeping up with a particular k-pop blog and thus far, they’ve said it’s been a disappointing year for k-pop.

I’m somewhat inclined to agree. I stan Pentagon and words can’t really describe how sad their title “Dr. Bebe” made me.

I know they alternate between light and dark concepts. The previous was comeback was “Humph”, which I love. The same k-pop blog called it embarrassing but some people are never satisfied. What matters was that it was a bop and assured me of my love for Pentagon. I love Pentagon’s duality and they really hit out of the park with their Sum:mer mini album.

Then came Dr. Bebe this February. I knew they’d be going the “psychotic asylum” path based on the teasers, but that didn’t cushion any disappoint I had when I heard the chorus. It had none of the spunk of “Sha La La” and none of the catchiness of “Run Away”, their last dark tracks. It seemed like Hui had caught the boy-crush virus infecting the kpop industry as of late.

Luckily, even if Dr.Bebe didn’t win me over (and didn’t get a win, unfortunately), I had BTS to look forward to! Map of the Soul: 7 was sure to be a hit.

But it wasn’t.

“On” is not a bad song. But it’s no “Boy With Luv” and it’s not even as good as “Outro: Ego”.

But I stan 4 groups and next up was the K/C-pop group WayV with Turn Back Time.

I love “Turn Back Time”. I love the album. They really and truly delivered. Even the critical kpop blog agreed it was one of the best albums of the year so far. I’ve never been so proud of WayV.

So now it’s ATEEZ’s turn. And I’m scared.

From the many many teasers we’ve received as of 7/7/2020, they’re setting up a very elaborate and complex storyline. That’s nice but what I’m worried about is the music.

People praise ATEEZ for their consistently amazing music, but this comeback marks the start of a new era outside of Treasure. Treasure era was the era that established ATEEZ as a reckoning force in kpop. I don’t want this new era to undo all that work.

Half of me is preparing to be despondent and the other half of me is certain this comeback will be the one that will vault them to untouchable fame.

I’m excited about the concept and no matter how it goes, I’ll love it. ATEEZ is one of the only groups where I like everything they release. I just hope this time, Korea will wake up and give them the home recognition they so badly need.

ATEEZ Talks About Their Hiatus And Preparations For July Album Release

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