ATEEZ World Domination: And How You Helped Achieve It

I’m the kind of person to tell other kpop fans to stream, vote, and promote. I will yell it from the hilltops and rant on my socials. “Don’t complain about not winning if you don’t vote.”

And I still stand by that, 100%.


I’ve come to realize doing those things is much easier said than done when you’re passionate. In the past, I would lazily tap a few ads each day after a new comeback and vote on the apps that were most convenient. I would stream. Sometimes. Maybe.

Bottom line, I wasn’t living up to the intensity of what I preached and frankly, I was part of the problem.

But with ATEEZ’s Zero: Fever. Part 1 comeback, I decided it was time to get down to business. My phone is currently sitting on my knee, with their “Inception” music video playing in the background as I write this.

Streaming, I’ve discovered, takes passion. You have to want your faves to win, almost more than anything else going on in your life at the moment. And it’s not just off-handedly watching the music video here and there, but interacting with the fandom, organizing streaming parties, and making accounts because your faves deserve the best. And as much as you want to make them proud, you want to have been proud to help.

So that’s why I was up at 3 AM just the other night, frantically using free Genie music streaming passes so ATEEZ could climb the Korean charts.

And it’s why I’ll be up at 4 AM tomorrow to watch and see if they’ve managed to win against our biggest competitor.

Basically, I earned the right to be there for their win and partake in feeling like I was part of something bigger. As they say: ATEEZ World Domination.

And to those who didn’t stream on YouTube, didn’t stream on Korean sites, did vote on the apps, or couldn’t be bothered to promote: I don’t wanna hear a peep of celebration out of you when they win.

Inception Music Video GIF - Inception MusicVideo Ateez - Discover ...

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