Unwanted Activism

Activism annoys me.

No, that’s not right. That sounded worse than I intended. I should say: activism where I didn’t ask for it annoys me.

Maybe I’ve lived too much of a cushioned, pillowy life with relatively minimal struggle, but I’ve never been the type to sign online petitions and volunteer for the greater good.

I care deeply about the environment and I happily offer moral support for those who are able to actively take part in saving our planet. I feel bad when I see people in other countries struggling with a bad government or a natural disaster. These are things that genuinely move me, so my thoughts and prayers for both our people and our planet will always be there.

But surprise, everyone! We don’t need thoughts and prayers. We need money.

Another surprise: I don’t have any. And I already know signing a Change.org petition won’t do much so I don’t bother.

I’d volunteer but my lack of money further hinders me from doing and going where I want. I’d be out there scooping trash from the ocean if I was given the chance.

I support activism, but since it’s something I currently cannot be a part of, I find it annoying when others continue to shove their righteous goals in my face, especially where it’s not welcome.

I brought this up because I follow a large music fanbase account on the bird app. I like this fanbase because they provide good numbers, they never miss a single achievement, and it’s a reprieve from the rest of the cursed site.

Well, it was, until the owner of the fanbase started retweeting fundraising announcements for victims of a natural disaster from their home country.

Let me repeat the fact that I do care about my fellow humans on the other side of the planet.

But their struggle was not what I signed up for when I followed that fanbase. If they’re willing to do that for that one suffering country, I could name like six more who’d also appreciate a large platform where they could voice their problems and ask for money.

Everyone has struggles. It just comes with the premium package of being born on this planet.

Activism to help those who are especially in the deep end is good. But there is such a thing as time and place.

That fanbase became so large by posting about music. It’s borderline selfish and inconsiderate to the people who followed them for music, only for that platform to suddenly be concentrated with requests for donations unrelated to the music.

People yell “Use Your Platform!” all the time. I’m not generally inclined to agree. Unless you became known for activism, are a politician, or an influencer, you aren’t obligated to use your following to spread the good word of child hunger and wild fires in California.

You can, but be aware it might actually be a turn-off for those who look to you for an escape.

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