BNHA Shippers Are Problematic

BNHA shippers have a problem.

I’m a fandom veteran. I’ve been in some fandoms people consider the most toxic wastelands and I’ve been there to witness people attack fans left and right, in addition to fans attacking each other. I observe, but I don’t engage because I know how sticky situations can get when people who share interests start crossing each other.

I wrote a few answers on Quora about what my BNHA favorite ships were. I said I shipped Todoroki/Momo, Bakugou/Kirishima to some extent, Bakugou/Urakaka (how controversial!) and that I didn’t ship some of the more popular ships like Tododeku or TsuChako because I didn’t think they were plausible or possible. Mind you, I made sure to point out my ships were just for fun and I didn’t fully expect them to be canon 100% of the time either.

I made sure to be respectful and didn’t invalidate fans whose ships I didn’t like.

It was a nice try.

I got fans telling me Todoroki wasn’t ready to be in a relationship, that I was hating on Kiri x Mina, and that I wasn’t being respectful.

First, I’d like to say I’m not obligated to be respectful to strangers I meet on the internet. I am because I have manners and would appreciate it if your bias didn’t code everything that didn’t pertain to the ship of your choice as rude.

If I say a ship is bad because they’re abusive, whining and calling me mean won’t change my opinion.

I get whole essays about why I shouldn’t ship the pairs I like and essays about why another pairing is superior and will become canon.

Bottom line: I’m tired of people discussing their own pairings under my answers about ships I enjoy. It takes a massive amount of self restraint not to delete every comment that either goes “ew shipping” or “ew your ship is gross”.

BNHA shippers. Get it together. This is embarrassing. I write answers for fun, but each time I have to deal with a whiny fan who can’t handle my personal opinion, I can see why the fandom is as antagonized as it is.

This is something I constantly have to reiterate: it’s not your place to tell others how to enjoy content.

Shut up if you don’t ship Todomomo. Shut up if you don’t ship Dekuchako. Shut up if you don’t ship Kirimina.

I literally don’t care what you think. I watch this show for myself. I watch it for the action, the suspense, and yes, the romance. I’ll do what I want, so BNHA shippers: get off your high horse and mind your own damn business.

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