Falling Out Of Love With Miraculous Ladybug

I’m no stranger to falling out of love with things. I’ve fallen out of love with books, games, shows, people that were close to me and wearing oversized shirts as a fashion statement.

I’m still a huge Miraculous Ladybug fan. It’ll be the dawn of a new age before I decide I’m bored of watching two teenagers in animal-themed costumes defeat bad guys and fumble around their feelings. This show is far from perfect, but it’s so engaging that it’s just genuinely entertaining. It hits all the right spots.

There’ll be a day when I get bored of it, but today is not that day. However, many people in the fandom have started to grow unsatisfied with the show.

They want consistent show lore and they can’t get it. They want permanent character development, but it’s not happening. They want a show that’s on the level of Avatar: The Last Airbender, but that’s just not how the show was meant to be.

I understand the frustration of being a dedicated fan for years in return for so little. There’s nothing wrong with deciding Miraculous isn’t for you anymore and your expectations have surpassed what the show can deliver.

But for the love of all things ladybug, stop trumpeting “I HATE MIRACULOUS LADYBUG AND YOU SHOULD TOO”. It’s so ironic that people who have “left” the show are the ones commenting under the show’s content that they don’t like the show anymore.

For example, sneak peeks from the MLB: Awakened movie have been released:

Jeremy Zag is truly terrible at keeping secrets.


While most of the responses to the images were excited and positive, I saw people saying “hmm I dropped MLB after the new york movie but this looks okay” and “she actually looks somewhat Asian” and “oh great Marinette is even more sexualized”.

And my response is: pick a narrative, pick up your baggage, and leave.

And leave for good. You disagree with how the show is handled? Fine. Let people like what they like in peace.

This goes for all fandoms. I hope I won’t have to talk about this again.


One thought on “Falling Out Of Love With Miraculous Ladybug

  1. I mean, all I want is for fans to tag their anti comments. I’m pretty critical of some of the things I like sometimes.

    I don’t really understand the attitude some of them have towards this show, though, because I never expected much from it. The episodes were always out of order and it was always a kid’s show that didn’t try to be… I don’t know… In the Gargoyles category. (I didn’t watch that, but it coined a phrase for a common trope and is widely regarded as a masterpiece, so it seems fitting as a category.)

    It’s just cute, gimmicky fun. It doesn’t need to be anything else imo. Some of the criticism is important, but Ladybug’s been in a skintight suit from the beginning. I always side eyed that, but I don’t expect every creator to respond to whatever I want. It would be nice if everyone would take responsibility for the way their creations others and that’s the world I want to create, but you can’t realistically expect every creator to just do what you want. It’s just a setup for disappointment.

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