“K-Pop Isn’t That Deep”

K-Pop isn’t supposed to be deep. It’s right there in the name: K-“Pop”. Pop music is air headed by nature and isn’t meant to be convey any type of message other than “have fun and party all night”, however you may define that.

So it’s very common for me to see people tell others to calm down because k-pop isn’t that deep.

But what if it is?

This applies to a lot of hobbies and fandom but…anything is deep if you want it to be. Just because music is casual to some doesn’t mean it’s casual to others.

Just because animated characters are just fictional drawings doesn’t mean they can’t tell a meaningful story and hold value to its audience.

Imagine the hate someone would receive if under an appreciation tweet about how a movie convinced them life was worth living (thus preventing suicide), they popped in and said “lol movies aren’t that deep, it’s just fiction, get a life”.

I can’t see why we can’t adopt the same sort of hostility towards those who degrade people’s love for any type of reasonable media. If Taylor Swift saved me from self-harm, that’s none of your business. If Attack on Titan is the reason I decide to pursue a career in television writing, that’s has nothing to do with you or your enjoyment/interpretation of the show.

Hence, saying “kpop/anime/makeup isn’t that deep” means nothing. It’s deep if I say it’s deep. Suck it up.


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