Froot Loops Are Sort Of A Time Capsule?

Froot Loops feel like a product of a bygone era.

Which is silly, because you can still buy them for 5 dollars at the grocery store. But as a person who never got to eat Froot Loops at home and only got them as a passing present from school or my dad’s office, Froot Loops hold a ton of nostalgia.

There’s a time when you’re not allowed to eat Froot Loops anymore. No one’s stopping you, but no one is giving them to you. They’re not offered at school and my dad’s office doesn’t give him Froot Loop cereal in the little plastic containers anymore.

Whenever I see that ridiculous parrot advertising that ridiculously colored fruit cereal, I feel a pang of missing something I never quite had. Not wishing I could go back to second grade, but that excitement of receiving the most insignificant thing and being so excited I could scream.

And also, I feel like I was robbed the chance of eating as much sugary cereal as my little heart could handle. One day I’m going to buy a box of Froot Loops, pour them in a giant bowl, and cry until that feeling goes away.


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