Americans Don’t Need Your Salt, Thanks

Isn’t it weird for non-Americans to be so invested in what Americans do?

Obviously, I know what America does impacts countries we are connected to. If we have bad leadership in one sector, that leadership could ruin international compromises. That, I understand.

What I don’t get is the “America, get your act together” mentality from non-Americans concerning things like minimum wage. At this rate, it’s common knowledge Norwegians get paid double the minimum wage Americans do for working at McDonalds. Good for Norway. They’re doing great.

But is it necessary to scoff at America and American people, as if we’re a brute nation who’re too stuck in the heads to realize their great society is in shambles?

We live here. We’re the ones who have to deal with these issues. Laughing at us from the comfort of your $5 mansion doesn’t bode well with overly patronizing attitudes.

And may I remind these non-Americans that America is double, triple, and many times bigger than their countries? The United States is like running 5 countries under one name and with this many people who need wildly different things, reaching the point where housing is always fairly-priced and people always get paid what they’re dude isn’t possible. We’re growing too quickly and the growing pains never, ever go away.

So yeah, it might be really easy to live in a small European country of 25,000 people where everything is hunky dory, but keep your opinions about dumb Americans to yourselves.

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