A Very Brief History Of K-Pop’s Newest A-tier Girl Group: Dreamcatcher

Dream Catcher reveal stunning 'Dystopia: The Road to Utopia' group teaser  images | allkpop

No longer are Dreamcatcher among the ranks of the “nugu” and “underrated”, as one of the few girl groups in kpop to surpass 100K album sales with the success of their mini album, Dystopia: Road to Utopia.

It took a number of years for them to earn this distinction. In many ways, their growth is similar to another k-pop group, ATEEZ.

Aside from sharing producers, DC (Dreamcatcher) also came from a small but well-managed company, slowly but steadily building up their musical reputation and recognition among international kpop fans. DC never had their viral moment akin to ATEEZ‘s predebut KQ Fellas video, but the quality of their music has gained attention, especially since their “Deja Vu” comeback.

DC’s chances of this level of success were very slim, as is sadly the case with most kpop groups. They were originally named “Minx” and debuted with a flower-variety summer concept like many girl groups that year. They failed to garner attention and could’ve easily disbanded. Fortunately, the CEO of their company, HappyFace Entertainment, decided to give them another chance and re debuted them with two new members.

From there, they made the 180 turn from a bright concept to a magic-infused creepy concept. They chose the extremely niche genre of “rock” k-pop, often reminding people of anime OSTs with their music. Over the years, they’ve moved away from their Japanese influences and explored other sub genres, with massive success.

They used to be the go-to group when someone asked which kpop group deserved more love and attention. Now you’d have to be living under a rock to not know who Dreamcatcher are.

Stream their new comeback (and the comebacks after that!), Summer Holiday!


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