Weak Hero: Mini Lily Observation

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I think Lily’s an interesting character because of the mystery surrounding her. I’m sure most readers chalk up the lack of her presence to her simply not being an important character, but the authors look like they know what they’re doing. For example, the blue-haired kid from Gray’s middle school rarely appears but he’s often a trigger for key events and flashbacks. So in this case, I want to believe the author is setting up Lily for one big moment.

I don’t know how more people aren’t beside themselves with learning more about Lily. I find her so interesting as a character we know nearly nothing about. She’s more mysterious than Gray Yeon himself, back when we knew next to nothing about his story. She isn’t involved with the Union but she’s certainly friends with people who are.

From what we know and can infer, she used to be friends with Julia Chae and someone named Lala Lee. We’ve seen Lala Lee before, back when Phllip Kim was still relevant, but she didn’t talk about Lily at all. She was surrounded by Union guys, meaning she probably got involved with the wrong crowd. Lily was texting Lala on screen once, and from the little we saw, Lala was ranting at Lily for not being there for her. Lily seemed more exasperated than upset and asked herself what she was doing with her life. They have a history that’s just begging for a back story, and I’m counting the days until we get one.

Another significant interaction was near the end of season 2 where Lily is chasing after Julia, asking them to talk. Julia, unlike Lala, didn’t seem keen to even talk to Lily, suggesting Lily might’ve done something wrong instead of Julia. Julia is a self-centered person who only cares about money, so whatever’s going on with her and Lily also needs more investigation.

I want to know what school she goes to and if it falls under the Union. She and Wesley Song share the same yellow uniform, so there’s a small clue. At the very least, her school is co-ed. Her attending a cram school suggests she’s either a smart, diligent student (like Gray) or in need of intervention (like Wesley). Additionally, it’s suggested early in the story she has physical abilities. She’s “stronger than she looks”, according to the narrator. That doesn’t necessarily mean she can fight, but it probably means if it meant protecting Gray, she would.

I wonder how she’d react to Gray fighting. Would her crush vanish, because she could no longer be his knight-in-shining-armor? Or would her crush become even stronger, because Gray’s just so damn cool?

If she were to be confronted by a rabid Union guy, would she be intimidated or would she retaliate? And if she were to fight back, would she fight “dirty” like Gray does since the Union guy would be stronger than her? I’m just saying she’d make history being the first person in the webtoon to bring a knife to a fistfight. Unless Donald does it first.

I’ve always thought it was hilarious how she’s the only character who called out the Union’s actions for what they were: “assault”. She’s clearly afraid of bullies and being bullied, but we have to wonder if she was so worried for Gray because she’s seen what they can do in the past. 

Lily’s a little bit goofy, a little bit awkward. Just like any other teenager, she’s self-conscious about her image and freaks out over the little things. But the devious smile she has when she’s scheming about becoming friends with Gray shows she does have an off-kilter sense of humor.

She really does seem like the most regular recurring character in the webtoon. She’s not a fighting machine, she’s not especially diabolical, and her problems are regular problems anyone could be facing with their friends. What we need is more screen time. I know it’d annoy her detractors, but given the chance, she’d gain so many fans. 

Extra notes:

  • She’s my favorite character.
  • While I wouldn’t exactly care if she and Gray became a thing, I’d prefer she didn’t get with anyone. Just so people couldn’t make the excuse of her solely being a love interest.
  • She’s drop-dead pretty, it’s not funny. 
  • Fun fact, I headcanoned her name was Lily before it was officially revealed, so I was really yelling the day I found out her name. Other names I thought of were Katie and Grace.
  • The theory that she’s Donald Na’s sister is scary, please no. 

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