America’s (Questionably?) High Minimum Legal Drinking Age

Sometimes, folks from other countries act superior about their legal drinking age. Some of their laws permit people as young 16 to drink. Meanwhile, America’s drinking legal drinking age is 21 and has no signs of changing, even with “peer pressure” from other countries on sites like say, Reddit.

Anyway, doing a little research, America’s drinking age used to be 18 in individual states. Makes sense, you become a legal adult and can enlist, why not?

Here’s the why not: more people die when you put alcohol in the hands of teenagers.

According to the CDC, states that changed their legal age limit from 18 to 21 saw a roughly 16% decrease in motor incidents.

That’s a significant number, so the government forced every state’s hand by withholding highway funding unless they increased the age. As a result, drinking in young people declined, as did motor incidents.

Of course, teenagers will find a way to drink (and use weed and drugs, very unwisely) if they really want to. But making it illegal does push the incentive of not going to jail.

However, as tends to be the case, non-Americans think our drinking age is 21 because we’re sissies.

But nah, we just like living and using the streets in peace.


One thought on “America’s (Questionably?) High Minimum Legal Drinking Age

  1. Charlie

    Hiya again
    That is VERY interesting! That there is a reason behind it never occurred to me. Lol. Just thought there were different rules.
    In France, it’s not drinking but buying alcohol that is forbidden before 18. I wonder how it would impact the driving mortality, since most teenagers here either ask an older sibling or try to look older in the shops, and therefore do have access to alcohol before being 18. But they can’t drive anyway. Do bike accidents count?


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