The Three Dollar Pizza Slice

There are a lot of things I'm willing to do to obtain the things I want. I'd stream one song for hours on end, losing precious sleep, just to see my kpop boys succeed and achieve quote unquote "world domination". I'd actually go to website, find a recipe, and follow the recipe, to attempt to …

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How To Write A Romantic Non-WattPad-Sounding Description

I have the overwhelming urge to write a sweeping romance. His deep ocean blue eyes looked into mine. His lips made a perfect arch on his face.  Right off the bat, there are three critical mistakes in those two sentences full of Wattpad-iness. First of all: Wattpad-iness. I've been told by several friends that description …

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Content Creators Have Feelings

It's no secret that the majority of people who saw YouTube Rewind 2018 hated it. The comments overflowed with roasts, and even on videos entirely unrelated to the Rewind, you still find people saying "Better than YouTube Rewind 2018." I thought it was funny, until it got tiring. And it led me to think about …

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