Tag Along

Maybe you’re like me and have one thought. One thought you completely agree with wholeheartedly and utterly.

It could be about yourself, or someone else, or your fandom. You think “someone else has got to have thought this before me and been vocal about it on Reddit or something.” And like me, you go looking, and no one has said anything.

So here you have it.  The thoughts you had about something and all the thoughts you wish you’ve had. If you tag along, I’ll try not to make it boring.

If you are interested in any of the following images:

…then you’ll probably like this blog. I post about cartoons a lot, but nothing is out of the question. I’ve written about the boogie man, pastel boys, sleep, sassy babies, lollipops, kpop, zippers, teeth, doppelgangers, memes, bronies, and Sunday naps.

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I never know what I’ll think about, so stay tuned.