The Reality of Middle-Grade Crushes

Reading too many YA novels can lead you to jump to stupid conclusions about high school, such as: All the popular kids like to get drunk at parties and usually end up nowhere in life because they were super irresponsible. Not true. I've read a lot YA novels that assume all social people in high …

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The Coolest Fish In The Pond

  I, unfortunately, have found myself in a position many times where I couldn't break free from someone's endless monologue about thier hobby. You know, when you see someone's sketchbook and say it's cool. It triggers them to show you their elementary, middle and highschool sketchbooks and go on about "Oh! I remember that one! …

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I Got Lucky Procrastinating

They say procrastination is a killer and I'm not going to disagree. But don't you just love it when procrastination works in your favor? Say you decide that instead of doing this really ugly self-portrait in class that's due that Monday, you're going to spend all your time doing art you're actually good at. That …

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