“K-Pop Isn’t That Deep”

K-Pop isn't supposed to be deep. It's right there in the name: K-"Pop". Pop music is air headed by nature and isn't meant to be convey any type of message other than "have fun and party all night", however you may define that. So it's very common for me to see people tell others to …

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Review of Boku No Hero Academia- S4 Episode 3

I just finished watching the third episode of Boku No Hero Academia's (My Hero Academia) fourth season. In it, we see Midoriya battle Sir Night Eye for the stamp to officially approve his internship at Sir Night Eye's agency and the other kids in Midoriya's class try to figure out who they'll intern with. I'm …

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Revenge of the Bus Driver

Imagine this. Winter's just started and it already feels like you might get frostbite by sticking your pinky finger out. Everyone's huddled together with their companions at the bus stop, trying to either conserve heat or get blockage from freezing winds (usually the latter). You just wish the bus would hurry up and come so …

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