Why Do People Hate AJR?

I tend to think I'm pretty open minded. Sure, I declaim any interest my brother has in mumble rap or basic trap beats. I cringe at overblown gospel vocals and you'd never catch me listening to country that didn't involve Carrie Underwood killing her ex. But still, I don't insult people who listen to those …

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Content Creators Have Feelings

It's no secret that the majority of people who saw YouTube Rewind 2018 hated it. The comments overflowed with roasts, and even on videos entirely unrelated to the Rewind, you still find people saying "Better than YouTube Rewind 2018." I thought it was funny, until it got tiring. And it led me to think about …

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My Parents Are Predictably Old Fashioned

I have truly underestimated how old and not current my parents are. Case in point: "Go use the YouTube to search up how to fix the window." What is "The YouTube"? Last I heard, Google didn't buy something called "The YouTube". My parents also still use Facebook. I understand this one, because that's how they …

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